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Jana Leichter works diligently to help parties in South Florida get their employment related legal issues resolved in a civil manner.

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South Florida Employment Mediator

Mediating with a Fresh Perspective

When you need someone to mediate an employment matter, you want someone who knows the law and understands the unique obstacles to effectively resolving employment disputes. I am Jana Leichter, Esq. of So It’s Settled, and I am proud to bring all of this and more to each and every one of my mediations. I have spent nearly 15 years exclusively practicing employment law, which provides me with the knowledge to help create breakthroughs, so that parties to employment disputes are able to effectively resolve matters. In addition to conducting mediations, I can also serve as an Early Neutral Evaluator, working confidentially with counsel to provide frank and objective assessments of a case as well as feedback or suggestions.

Why Mediation Might Be the Best Option

Mediation allows those involved to control their own destiny. It ensures that the decision-making process falls squarely to those who will be affected by the outcome, rather than to a judge or jury. This means that each party is able to express their position, and, when it is resolved, it is something to which everyone agreed. This way, everyone involved can move forward and leave a difficult and stressful time behind them.

If you are looking for a way to mediate an employment law matter in a civil, straightforward manner, give me a call at (561) 383-9241.

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Helping Resolve Employment Law

I spent over a decade of my legal career defending employers in all aspects of employment litigation. During this time, I realized that mediation was the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my job. It was gratifying to see parties take matters into their own hands, and make decisions about these critical matters for themselves. It is my goal to help parties to employment disputes minimize or avoid the long and often contentious litigation process in favor of mediation.

Because of my extensive experience in employment law, I am able to use my strong knowledge base to help parties more efficiently and effectively reach favorable conclusions to their cases.

Find out how a South Florida employment mediator can help you. Call today at (561) 383-9241!

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