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Though mediation can be a voluntary alternative to costly and protracted litigation, in some instances, mediation may be court-ordered. At So It’s Settled, I assist attorneys and their clients with mediation in Miami and throughout South Florida, including court-ordered mediation for a variety of employment law and related matters. As a seasoned mediator with nearly 15 years of employment law experience, I am capable of navigating an array of complex issues.

I am committed to ensuring that your needs are met! Contact my office online or by phone at (561) 383-9241 to learn more about my services.

Personalized Solutions & Civil Dispute Resolution

Mediation provides individuals a way to resolve legal disputes in a civil, mutually beneficial manner. Through mediation, the affected parties are able to make decisions that impact their futures, rather than leaving the outcome of their case up to a judge or jury. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, I am well-equipped to provide knowledgeable counsel and guidance throughout the mediation process.

My mediation practice encompasses a broad range of employment law matters, including but not limited to:

No matter the issue at hand, I can help you seek out creative solutions that allow each involved party to walk away with a resolution. I understand the nuances involved in complicated and often contentious employment law disputes and work hard to provide civil, straightforward answers so that the individuals involved can move forward with their lives.

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