About Early Neutral Evaluations (ENE)

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is an assessment process whereby parties in a dispute can receive an expert opinion concerning the best course of legal action to resolve their conflict. For parties seeking ENE, I can serve as neutral, third-party evaluator, and provide the parties with best and worst case alternatives according to the law in an attempt to help them determine the best course of action. I will hear possible claims/defenses and supporting evidence, and discuss potential outcomes of litigation.

When seeking a professional evaluator for the ENE process, it is important to find someone familiar with the industry or type of law related to the conflict. For workplace disputes, or when there’s an employment contract involved, seeking out an evaluator who is well-versed in labor and employment law can help you have a clearer picture of your options.

Neutral Evaluation provides for early, open communication, thereby empowering each side to focus on the core issues in dispute. The process enables the parties to increase their understanding of the case while learning what their opponent's position really is all about. ENE is especially useful when the parties need or desire to maintain an ongoing relationship, which is often present in employment disputes. The presence of a third-party neutral allows for an impartial process which favors an early settlement, and can even introduce an alternative and innovative perspective, helping the parties to search for unconventional solutions.

My 15 years of experience in employment law makes me an ideal early neutral evaluator. I have worked on a variety of cases over the years and have the skills necessary to help the parties understand the key aspects of your case as early as possible. Through an early neutral evaluation, you can obtain an accurate look at how your case might unfold, and it might even accelerate the settlement process, pushing to an early resolution.

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