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There are numerous reasons that an attorney and their client might look to voluntary mediation as a way of resolving a dispute with another party. Choosing mediation can help minimize time spent in the courtroom and gives both parties more investment in, and control over, the final outcome. At So It’s Settled, you will find an employment law mediator with over a decade of experience at your disposal. I understand the complex challenges facing your clients and I am prepared to provide civility and clarity to help each side reach a conclusion that everyone can agree upon.

Contact my office today to learn more about how I can assist you to bring your employment law case to a swift and agreeable conclusion. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, I have the experience necessary to handle both simple and complex cases.

Why Choose Voluntary Mediation?

Employment law matters can spend years in litigation and clients have considerably less control over whether they are able to achieve their goals. Both parties involved in the dispute can save time and money by voluntarily sitting down with a skilled mediator and allowing them to help find creative solutions that work well for everyone. When both parties have agreed to take the path of mediation, they have both already demonstrated their willingness to seek out common ground and find a mutually agreeable conclusion.

Skilled Service Backed by Nearly 15 Years’ Experience

I am committed to providing your clients with everything they need to bring their legal matter to an efficient conclusion. At So It’s Settled, I understand how to handle these matters objectively and help both parties find the resolution they seek.

I am dedicated to working with parties to reach their goals and settle matters efficiently. Call my office today at (561) 383-9241 to learn more about the services I provide and how I can assist you.
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